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        Product list
        Sheetfed Offset Ink
          Snow Eagle SQ
          Sky Eagle HQ
          Sea Eagle GQ
        Heatset Webset Offset Ink
        Offset Silver Ink
        Specialty Additive for Printing
        UV Cure Offset Printing Ink

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        Shanghai Aesthetic Ink Co., Ltd. (AIC), a subsidiary wholly invested by Aesthetic Color-Tech LLC of USA, it is located in Nanhui Industrial Zone, with convenient reach to Shanghai International Freight Center, south to Shanghai Yangshan Deep-water Port, north to the biggest air transport hub in Asia--Pudong International Airport. By applying the state-of-the-art process, advanced equipment and controlling methods from the USA, the company production and management the high grade of print ink, the production including High Quality Sheetfed Ink, Webset Offset Ink, Offset Silver Ink, Specialty Additive for Printing and Additive for Ink. The products are widely sale to the United States, Australia, southeast Asia countries and regions, and popular around the world.

                We succeed in our customer’s success!
                Stick to Credit, Focus on Quality, Emphasize on Service, Persist in Innovation!

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